• Five out of the seven marine turtle species around the world are listed as Endangered.
  • A female turtle can lay up to 120 eggs in one nest and can nest up to 3-4 times in one season.
  • This project is currently tracking 75 female Hawksbill turtles from UAE, Oman, Qatar and Iran.
  • Fishermen can now use turtle excluder devices to prevent accidental capture of marine turtles.

The Marine Turtle Conservation Project Team has succesfully concluded the second year tagging season by tagging 24 Hawksbill Turtles in 4 countries, namely Iran, UAE, Oman and Qatar.The tagging took place in the months of April and May on 7 different beaches across the region.

EWS-WWF is thankful for the support recieved from the project's partners in different countries, which lent their time and expertise to the team. Satellite tracking transmitters are fitted to the top of the turtle’s shell in a painless process and secured using a combination of fiberglass and resin. This transmitter sends a signal when the turtle surfaces to breathe giving the marine conservation team the location of that turtle on a map Spanning three-years, it is hoped that the outcome of this project will lead to conservation policies and plans to protect areas essential for the turtles survival.